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Ladies 3rd Team vs Henley

09 September 2023 | Elaine Hargreaves
Ladies 3rd Team vs Henley

Hot Hot Hot Hockey!

It was a day made for lying on the beach or by a river, taking sips of your beverage of choice and staying cool!

Instead 15 players from our 2/3s squad met at Henley for our first pre-season friendly. We stayed in the changing room as long as possible and enjoyed some introductions and team chat.

We tried to remember Jack's stretching routine in what little shade we could find, and with Ben arriving to coach us, it was game time!

Henley's youthful team started the brighter of the 2 teams, with quality, quick passing taking them into the D multiple times. Our defence held strong as we navigated a very bouncy and bumpy pitch and were glad to come in 0-0 to reset at the quarter.

Ben’s rallying call to stop our blind passes and get in front certainly saw us progress in the second quarter. Still navigating the bouncy surface we did get into the D, but the shot was saved.

Faye’s mum then came to the rescue with some cold ice pops, and with more encouraging words to find space up the pitch, we started to own the game in the next quarter. Charlie’s first shot was saved but within minutes she took her next well. Followed up by an incredibly cool shot over the keeper by Ame and it was 2-0.

By then the heat was beginning to tell, short corner won, Helen Barber stepped up with her trademark wiggle and sent the ball pinging into the right corner. 3-0.

Henley drove again with some refreshed legs and added 2 goals, the second a lovely reverse stick hit.

We ended 3-2. I may have got some events out of order, but the result is correct.

Helen B then brought out some well deserved beverages and we found some shade.

Plenty of learnings , but a fantastic start to this season.

Is anybody ‘s face still red?

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