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Registration for new members

If you are interested in joining Wallingford Hockey Club, in the first instance, please contact our Director of Hockey. Sam will explain to you how to get registered with us on Teamo, as well as how to pay your membership subscription via the app. Once you are a fully paid-up member of the club, she will then assign you to an appropriate Team on the app.

Renewal of membership for existing members

A couple of months before the start of the new season each existing member will be placed into an 'Unpaid' members team, where they will remain until their membership subscription is renewed. Once paid, they will be moved back into an appropriate playing Team and can be selected by their team captain.

Parents of Wildcats will be contacted during the summer to invite them to renew membership for their child for the new season. Many of the age-groups are often over-subscribed so this early invitation is an opportunity to renew before we look to any waiting lists to fill up the groups.

If you move away or no longer wish to remain a playing member of the club, please let Sam know so that you can be removed from the database.

Membership fees

Wallingford Hockey Club offers a number of different membership types including discounts for Under 18s, Under 30s and students as well as non-playing memberships. Half price membership fees are up for grabs for new members. Service personnel will be offered a flexible subscription that is pro-rata of any postings away during the season.

Adult and Wildcats subscriptions are due by the 30th September or the 25th August respectively, or when they join if partially through the season.

See below for the current season's subscriptions.

Player type

Annual subscription

Match fees

(paid per game)

Adult Player (Age 31+)



(£13.50 if WSP provides the team teas)

Adult Player (Age 18-30)



(£13.50 if WSP provides the team teas)

Full-time Student (Age 18+)


£5 (£8.50 if WSP provides the team teas)

Full-time Student school boarding, starting uni, or on holiday


£5 (£8.50 if WSP provides the team teas)



£5 for adult matches

£0 for junior matches

Social / Mixed Hockey Player or Non-Playing


Our Partners

England Hockey
Blue Blood Sports
SO Charitable Lottery
England Hockey
Blue Blood Sports
SO Charitable Lottery
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