We're back on the pitch!

The current guidance allowing up to 6 people to exercise outside whilst social distancing has lit the green light for dusting off those sticks and getting out on the pitch once again!

Whilst we remain vigilant and are adhering to the latest guidance from Government and England Hockey this is excellent news, and we are already planning for pre-season training to start very soon!

Please watch this space and our social media channels for further updates


Answers to questions asked by Parents and Players


1) What age group will my child be in?

For training and most games and tournaments, age groups are based on your age on 1st Sept

So for most children

U16 Year 10 & 11
U14 Year 8 & 9
U12 Year 6 & 7
U10 Year 4 & 5
U8 Year 2 & 3
U6 Year 1 and below