Clothes and Equipment

Shinpads are a must and can be purchased from most good sports shops. Please try to find a hockey shinpad rather than those used to play football. Gumshields are highly recommended for U8s and mandatory for U10s and above and preferrably obtained from a dentist. Although this type is more expensive than a shop bought gumshield they do tend to be more comfortable and provide better protection. However any gumshield is better than none.

Footwear should ideally be astro shoes (with small moulded studs) but trainers are acceptable to start with. However once the player is attending regular sessions and playing matches, correct footwear is recommended to help protect and support the feet.

Some sticks are available to borrow but we encourage players to get their own stick to suit their own playing needs. We also have a vast array of goal-keeping equipment in all sizes for those who wish to try it.

On the occasions that it does get very cold it is important for your child to wrap up well with lots of layers, including a hat and gloves. A thin waterproof jacket is also useful in case it rains.

For team matches against other clubs we ask that your child has team colours. This a green and white quartered top with white shorts and green socks. Club kit can be ordered from the Kit Shop, which is managed by Oxford-based sportswear retailers, Blue Blood Sports.