Our Leagues, Associations and regulations are changing

BIG changes to hockey are coming soon and we need your help to make sure our club is heard. Please read this, as it is very important we understand what these changes potentially mean to our hockey.

England Hockey are proposing a fundamental change to the way hockey will be run and changes to the league structures and regions. Oxfordshire, South, Trysports and MBBO will no longer exist if this is adopted.

What will this mean for us:

  • We might be playing against different teams/clubs; our leagues will change, some reduced travel required, and we probably won’t be venturing into London any more.
  • Umpires will be centrally controlled under one system. Currently National and South umpires use this system but it will be extended and changed to cover all our teams (Oxfordshire HUA and South HUA will not exist).

The governance and administration will also change and will be centralised. This includes the standardisation of league regulations plus many other things.

What will this mean for us:

  • Reduction in the number of different sets of regulations we have to follow. ( i.e. player registration, umpire requirements, start times of games, match day paperwork).

The changes will affect all of us - Adults, Wildcats, Umpires and League administration, so please take some time to read the attachments on the EH website.

The committee on the whole supports the proposal based on the information that has so far been provided. The AGM vote will be in March and Wallingford HC will have a vote. The changes could take up to 18 months to come into full effect.

If you are unsure or unclear about any of these proposed changes, then please speak to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.