Wallingford Hockey Club Vice Presidents are usually members who have have played, umpired and sat at prominent positions of the Club Committee that are no longer actively involved in the Club.

We would like to honour the following ladies and gentlemen the title of Vice President to recognise and show our appreciation for their service to our club. After all, it was their service that has made our club so great today!


Charlie Allen Dave Flavell Tom Moir Jane Omell
John Armitage Chris Hawson David Simmons Chris Brackley
Sue Axton Alan Holmes Ann Smillie Mary Laird
Reg Barnard Robbie Holmes Chris Smith Libby Unsworth
Mr and Mrs Tony Barr-Taylor Richard Knight Sally Stockings Jerry Unsworth
Ken Castle David Lamb Carol (Chub) Taylor John Atkins
Philip Chamberlain Bernie Miles Gaynor Thomas Alan Postlethwaite
Mary Evans Nigel Clements Maggie Webb John Mortimer
Martin Shuttler Penny Hawson Paul Taylor Di Owen
Sean Millard Simon Hawkins Ruth Herbert Guy Hildred
David Shannon Kathy Mander Ann Stevens